A healthier Denmark. One company at a time


CRECEA is an authorised working environment advisor and we provide both private and public enterprises with advice on mental and physical working environment.

When it comes to both mental and physical working environment CRECEA is the safe choice as a working environment advisor. We provide you with competitively priced and professional advice within health and safety, environmental health management, and organisation and management.

CRECEA has a wide range of experts and our professional expertise ensures treatment of not only the symptoms of working environment problems, but also of the underlying causes. This approach ensures a safer, healthier and more pleasant working environment and consequently a lower degree of absenteeism, higher degree of job satisfaction and improved ability to recruit and hold staff.

CRECEA has a strong basis Occupational health and safety centres were established in 1980 to make expert advice within the field of working environment available to Danish enterprises.

During the first 10-15 years focus was on risk assessment, solutions to problems in the working environment and implementation of solutions. During the nineties there was a change of focus to health promotion, corporate social responsibility, mental working environment and organisational development.

CRECEA has unique and experienced staff of: Organisational psychologists, Sociologists, Architects, Physicians, Construction engineers, Chemists, Occupational therapists, Dieticians, Physiotherapists, First aid instructor, Engineer, Environmental health technicians, Social advisers, Mechanical engineers, Nurses.

CRECEA products:


  • Work place assessment
  • Accidents and prevention of work related accidents
  • Safety management
  • Certification
  • Machinery safety
  • New building and reconstruction
  • Noise, acoustics and vibration
  • Ventilation and indoor climate
  • ATEX and explosive atmospheres
  • Chemistry
  • Toxicology


  • Health examinations
  • Personal health profiles
  • Health checks
  • Examination of night and shift workers
  • Liftling, pulling, pushing
  • Technical aids
  • Repetitive work
Mental health:
  • Stress management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Bullying
  • Prevention of violence and threats
  • Co-operation and Teambuilding
  • Management development
  • Organisational development

  • Emergency counselling and debriefing